V Fire Pit

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This robust Firepit V from the RedFire range gives a unique atmosphere to you garden or terrace. A premium heavy-duty firepit, which with its V-shape is suitable for almost any garden style. This fire pit will not move easily of its place, the steel thickness of 2 mm ensures a weight of 21 KG. The special thing is that It is handmade as well.
Not only the weight, but also the dimensions are of great proportion. With a surface area of 60 by 60 cm, it will accommodate enough logs. Because of the V-shape, the remaining ash will sink to the bottom, while at the top there will be enough space for new logs. The Firepit V is really a product to enjoy all evening.

It is important to place the firepit on a solid, flat surface well away from flammable objects and plants. A tiled, paved or concrete is very suitable for this. Made from oxidized steel, the firepit is designed by our experienced design team and handmade in our factories in Egypt.

– Handmade product from Egypt
– Naturally rusted
– A unique V-shaped design
– Eye catcher in every backyard or campsite

Additional information

Weight 22.0 kg
Dimensions 69.0 × 45.0 × 3 cm