TREVO Fire Pit

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The RedFire Tervo is characterised by the dainty combination of powerful rectangular lines and the triangle shape. Within this triangle shape is enough space to make a powerful fire. With a width of 80 centimetres you can easily make room for multiple blocks of wood. The untreated thick steel (2mm) gives this RedFire Tervo an industrial look, enhancing your garden or patio with a stylish touch. Because of the low centre of gravity and the square base, the fire bowl remains firmly in place.

Without wood this fire bowl weighs 12 kg, which allows you to easily move the bowl. A height of 30 centimetres ensures your lower body to be heated as well when you sit around the fire. Because of the low height, this fire bowl is also perfect to use when you are lounging on the outdoor carpet or picnic blanket.

– Width of 80 centimetres
– Untreated steel for an industrial look
– Graceful combination of powerful lines and triangle shape
– Low height ideal for the lower body
– One piece, so no construction frustrations

Additional information

Weight 23.2 kg
Dimensions 82.0 × 82.0 × 32.0 cm