ONYX Fire Pit/Plancha Combo

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Combining style and functionality? The elegant and efficient Onyx Barbecue makes it all possible! With this eye catching barbecue for outdoor entertainment you can grill your steak, seafood, veggies and even bread to cater for a large group of friends or family garden gatherings.

The Onyx has a functional wood storage to make sure that your firewood is easily stored and within reach for many cozy evenings in the garden. Made from sustainable materials and available in a black heat resistant finish or in a rusty Corten look finish. The wood fired grill scale and 3mm thick stainless steel plancha ring emits warmth within a wide radius so you can enjoy the outdoors even in wintertime.

The Onyx has a steel thickness of 3 millimeters. Sturdy enough to store large blocks of wood. The diameter of 60 cm’s provides enough space to stoke the flames high and have you’re fire wood close by.

When you first start using your Onyx Barbecue make sure the fire is lit and allow it to burn about 30 to 40 minutes for the plate to reach the right cooking temperature. Off course the highest temperature is at the middle of the ring. Make sure you add vegetable oil like olive or sunflower oil on the spot where you want to cook your meat, fish or veggie’s.

The key word for maintaining your Onyx barbecue is oil. The stainless steel plancha ring is easy to clean and needs hardly any maintenance. Just use a spatula to scrape away the food scraps and leftover oil into the fire. Then use a little olive or other vegetable oil once the plate has cooled down a bit and grease thoroughly with a cloth to protect it from outside influences. This way you avoid rust and keep a nice protective layer, so that you can enjoy your barbecue again at the next grill event. Should corrosion occur for instance when the plate is not in use for a longer period, steel wool can be used to remove it and then add oil again.

– Multifunctional efficient and elegant
– Fire bowl diameter of 60 centimeters
– Thickness of the Stainless steel plancha plate 3mm
– Sturdy steel thickness for quality and robustness
– Height 65cm – Depth 46cm – Width 44cm
– Consists of three pieces (base, cone and plate)

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Weight 19.5 kg
Dimensions 71.0 × 46.5 × 56.5 cm