RedFire Canada offers a wide range of products that will make spending time in the open air more relaxed, fun, or exciting. If you are one of the many outdoor enthusiasts that love being around nature, you will enjoy our Red Fire outdoor food & Fire fire pits.


Bringing Family and Friends Closer Together

If you relish engaging activities in the outdoors, then our offers are great for your lifestyle. With our fire pits, you can convince your loved ones to spend time in nature. Bond with your family and friends around the fire and experience the warmth and comfort that our products bring. Letting you and your friends each cook their own meal, side by side.

Relax at the End of the Day or Enjoy the Weekend

Aside from just relaxing around the crackling fire, you can do a lot more with our fire pits. With our products’ quick heat-up and sturdy finish, you can have barbecue dinners after a long day at work or regularly on weekends.